How FirmGuard can Secure an MSP client’s firmware and increase MRR

FirmGuard by Phoenix Technologies offers MSPs a robust BIOS firmware security solution, enhancing client protection and driving revenue growth. It secures the UEFI BIOS, a critical yet often overlooked component, reducing cybersecurity insurance costs and ensuring regulatory compliance. FirmGuard fits into existing pricing models and improves technician efficiency with features like SecureConfig. By integrating FirmGuard, MSPs can differentiate themselves, foster client loyalty, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

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Tech lock with keyhole

NIST CSF 2.0 and Firmware

FirmGuard is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to help IT administrators monitor their endpoints for firmware vulnerabilities and thus keep up with the NIST CSF Detect function (DE.CM): Assets are monitored to find anomalies, indicators of compromise, and other potentially adverse events.

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