BIOS Firmware Security

As an MSP are you unknowingly putting your clients at risk by not protecting them at the BIOS firmware level?

By utilizing FirmGuard, not only is EVERY layer of your clients’ network truly protected, but now you can say with certainty that you ARE protecting your clients better than any other MSP. 

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Why MSPs Need Phoenix FirmGuard

The fact is that 99% of small businesses are not protected at the firmware level from cyber attacks. Are your clients in that scary majority? 

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You KNOW that firmware is an at-risk layer.

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You KNOW that you should be managing and monitoring it.

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You KNOW that it’s a critical security gap.

But do you know where to get a solution for your clients that they can afford?

FirmGuard Features

BIOS Firmware Security Solution for MSPs

Phoenix Technologies has been providing firmware solutions for over 45 years. Our FirmGuard product enables you to TRULY protect your clients at all layers at not only a price they can easily afford, but with margins that make it a profit center for you. 


FirmGuard base capability: BIOS Firmware Security


Remote BIOS configuration


Remote endpoint drive erasure (HDD/SSD)


Display endpoint system information and resources


Monitor endpoint connectivity

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