FirmGuard Security Pillars

FirmGuard supports MSPs in implementing security best practices via our three pillars of security: Measure, Manage, and Mitigate

FirmGuard Pillars

The first pillar is measure and as the name implies this is when key information related to firmware and other endpoint metrics are collected and analyzed. Once the MSP has a baseline measurement of each endpoint, the next is manage and this is where an MSP can remotely manage the endpoints to update critical firmware settings and software as well as set and enforce  specific security policies such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). Finally, if firmware or other security issues arise with a given endpoint, FirmGuard provides a suite of features to mitigate the problem ranging from cloning a hard drive to temporarily locking it or in an extreme case completely forensically wiping the drive. Collectively we call the pillars the “3Ms.”

FirmGuard Pillars: measure, manage, mitigate infographic