Currently Available FirmGuard Features

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Pioneer Package

$1.50 per Endpoint

Minimum 100 endpoints.

Pay Monthly

20% savings for annual commitment

FirmGuard Pioneer Package includes:

FirmGuard Pioneer Package Features

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SecureCheck: Revalidates an endpoint’s chain of trust, ensuring secure operation by establishing that the correct OS version is running and confirming the root of trust between hardware, firmware, and OS. This feature can be run manually or at automatically scheduled intervals such as weekly or monthly. An MSP administrator can check device firmware status at a glance via an indicator in the portal.

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SecureBeat: Maintains a secure heartbeat between the endpoint and the FirmGuard cloud server. A loss of beat is the first indication or alert of possible endpoint related issues. With SecureBuilder workflows can be constructed to automatically take mitigation steps (e.g., lock hard drive) if the beat is missing for an unexpected period.

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SecureSense: Remotely monitor endpoint status and health to detect unusual or suspicious behavior. The feature specifically monitors firmware status (i.e., vendor, version, last update, etc.), endpoint inventory (i.e.,system make/model, OS version, etc.) and endpoint metrics (i.e., CPU, disk and memory utilization, etc.).

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SecureConfig: Remotely configure BIOS settings across an array of endpoints. Greatly streamlines and consolidates administration of BIOS settings across an entire organization. With this feature MSP administrators can easily enable or disable firmware settings to ensure proper security configurations.

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SecureWipe: Remotely performs a forensic wipe (at the bit level) of SSD, HDD and other mass storage devices independent of the operating system. Supports hardware erase methods such as ATA and NVMe secure erase, OPAL password/PSID revert, and multiple industry standard software algorithms such as DoD5220.22-M